Why We’re into Summer Tree Pruning, and You Should Be Too

Tree pruning

Anybody else trying to shed a few pounds to get swimsuit-ready this summer? It’s hard work! Especially at the barbecue when the host offers you a second burger, fresh off the grill and dripping with cheese. You hate to be impolite. Did you know that your trees can also benefit from summer tree pruning? Read on to learn about why proper summer tree pruning now can reap rewards later.

Give Your Tree a Summer-Ready Shape With Summer Tree Pruning

A summertime shape up is healthy for people and trees alike. Although the best time to prune any plant is typically in its dormant phase, trees will benefit from a nice mid-season trim as well.

Summer trims can cut down on the amount of pruning you’d have to do later in the year. Pinching off tender young branches is a smart idea if you want to encourage growth of thicker, sturdier limbs and discourage weak, “leggy” growth. A trim also can help keep the tree’s height in check, making it easier to maintain and manage. If you’ve got a fruit tree, summer pruning will promotes more blossoms (and more fruit!) the following spring. Fruit will mature better in sunlight, so allowing air and sun to reach the fruit will boost its size and sweetness.

Tips on Summer Tree Trimming

The warmer months are a great time to do some structural cleanup. Remove suckers, water-sprouts and branches that are crossed or rubbing each other. Take out “the three Ds” where you see them, too, (aka dead, diseased and damaged wood). Then the tree can direct its energy toward more vigorous branches and the production of flowers or fruit.

When it Comes to Summer Tree Pruning, Cut Conservatively

Take it easy with those pruning shears. Just like a crash diet, extreme trimming of your tree is never a good idea. Don’t take off more than 25 percent of the photosynthetic portion (green leaves) of the plant at any one time, or you’ll compromise its health. Make clean cuts so the plant can seal up the wound quickly. When opening up the canopy of the tree, make sure to leave enough of it to shade the bark, which can become susceptible to sun scalding and other damage.

Ask the Experts about Summer Tree Pruning

If you have any questions or want help with your summer tree trimming / shape up plan, call Elite Tree Service at 610-935-2279. But please, don’t ask us for dieting advice. Those burgers smell wayyyy too good.

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