Deer Repellents

Keep your trees safe from deer

DeerDeer present a difficult challenge for many homeowners. Because they forage for food year-round, they often find their way out of the forest and into your yard and gardens. This puts your landscaping and trees at risk—especially trees like arborvitae, hemlock, yew, and rhododendron. These evergreen trees are often the only available food during the winter months when your other plant life is dormant. Deer can quickly destroy plants they find tasty and can reach leaves up to 6’ high! Replacing the trees damaged by deer can be a costly, time-consuming task. Elite Tree Care has methods of effectively deterring deer from feeding on your trees and plants.

Our Pennsylvania-licensed, ISA-certified arborists offer repellent services to make your trees less appetizing to deer. In the autumn we spray a professional-grade repellent on your evergreen trees and other vulnerable plants. This leaves a white residue that adheres to your tree leaves for about 90 days. Our repellent gives the leaves a bad taste that will cause deer to look elsewhere when it’s time to feed. In the summer we apply a treatment that requires more applications without the white film left by the winter repellent.

Free Quote for Deer Repellent Services

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