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Preventing Plant Problems

Preventing Common Plant Problems

Understanding What Your Plant Needs

No one plants something in the hopes of it becoming infested with pests or disease. However, planting something without thinking about regular maintenance could be just as bad. There are easy ways of preventing common plant problems, including disease and pest infestation. It doesn’t all take a lot of work, but it does take thought and planning. Read more

General Tree Pruning Tips

General Tree Pruning Tips

When, Where & How to Cut

By now, most spring-blooming trees and shrubs have flowered and are now turning green for the season. While it’s not an ideal time to do any major pruning on these plants, there’s still work to be done around your yard and garden. Here are some general tree pruning tips no matter what or when you cut. Read more

Tree Care

What You Should Know About Tree Care

And What You Should Do About It

There are so many benefits to having trees on your property. From the beauty and shade to the increase in home value, a tree is a blessing, but also requires regular attention. Here’s what you should know about tree care and helping to keep your tree healthy and thriving. Read more

Earth Day Tree Care

Earth Day Tree Care

Plant Today & Enjoy for Years

How did you celebrate Earth Day? If you planted a tree, or you plan on planting one soon, there are certain things to keep in mind to ensure that the tree grows healthy and strong. Follow these Earth Day tree care tips to give your tree a great start for years of beauty. Read more

Tree Pruning Tools

5 Tree Pruning Tools That Should be in Every Shed

And How to Take Care of Them

Prime pruning time has arrived! Are you ready? Take a walk around your tool shed and see if you have everything you need. Here’s a handy tree pruning tools checklist to help get you started. Read more

Professional Tree Care Plan

Professional Tree Care Plan

Three Factors to Focus On

Trees provide a property with many benefits, including shade, increased value, and curb appeal. However, if not taken care of, a tree can also become a hazard to the area. Put together a professional tree care plan to help keep your tree looking its best and more of a benefit than a detriment. Read more