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Fruit Tree Pruning in Summer

Fruit Tree Pruning in Summer

What to do & What Not to do

There's nothing quite like fresh fruit in the summertime. Sweet peach pies, plump plums, and juicy nectarines taste even better with the warm sun on your face. Imagine growing these delicacies and reaping the benefits of proper summer fruit tree pruning. Read more

Safe Small Tree Removal

Is Small Tree Removal Safe

What is the Alternative

If you need a ladder, you need a professional. While this may apply to many home improvement projects to help ensure safety, it's just as important when it comes to tree removal. It also depends on how you measure small tree removal. A small tree for some may mean big problems for others. Read more

Felling Trees Close to the House

Felling Trees Close to the House

What to do & What Not to do

Tree removal can be a tough task, especially if it's in a bad spot. Felling trees close to the house or another structure requires even more care. It's a job best left for the professionals, but read on to learn more about the proper way to remove the tree. Read more

Tree Stumps

Tree Stumps 101

Pros, Cons, Uses & Removal

Tree stumps. It's what's left after cutting down a tree, and it can be a blessing or curse to your yard. Learn about the pros, cons, uses, and removal process in the following quick rundown. Read more

Tree Pruning Techniques

Tree Pruning Techniques for the Family

Get Everyone Involved in Keeping Trees Healthy

Keeping your trees trimmed is just as important to your home, family, and neighbors as it is for the tree. Get the family involved in proper tree pruning techniques to teach the importance of this practice. Read more

Deer Repellents: Then and Now

Deer Repellents

Then & Now

Some are smelly, others noisy, but they all have one purpose: deer repellents. Deer have been a gardeners nightmare as long as developments have taken over their feeding grounds. How people have dealt with them has changed over time, and some have to get creative to keep these hungry plant-eaters away. Read more