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Using Wood from Tree Removal

5 Ways to Use Wood from Tree Removal

And What Not to Use

Cutting down a tree is not easy or cheap. However, you can turn the loss of a tree into the gain of something wonderful. Learn how using wood from tree removal can have a positive impact, under the right circumstances. Read more

Best Time for Tree Removal

The Best Time for Tree Removal

And Reasons Not to Wait

With the fall winds whipping and the leaves all gone, you may be looking at your tree branches swaying and considering your options. Sometimes the conditions will warrant extreme measures. Now you have to consider the best time for tree removal. Read more

Watering Trees in Winter

Should I Still be Watering Trees in Winter?

Yes? When? How Much?

Now that leaves are falling and plants are gearing up for the dormant season, you may be wondering if you should still be watering trees. The short answer: yes. Learn when and why a tree may need more or less water during winter. Read more

Quick Tree Pruning Timeline

The Quick Tree Pruning Timeline

A Brief Look at What to Trim When

Once the leaves have fallen completely from your tree, you may be wondering if now’s the time to start pruning. Before you pick up the pruners, take a look at this quick tree pruning timeline to make sure your plant is ready. Read more

Remove the Tree Stump

Should I Remove the Stump?

And Other Questions to Ask After Tree Removal

No one wants to have to take down a tree. It can be a complicated, expensive process, and trees add so much to our surroundings. However, when the time comes, there’s another decision you have to make: should you remove the tree stump? Here are some reasons why you should and how you should go about doing it. Read more

Fall Tree Planting Tips

Fall Tree Planting Tips

Choose the Right Type & Spot

If the beauty of autumn leaves has you pining for more trees, you’re in luck! Fall is a wonderful time to plant. Follow these fall tree planting tips and enjoy the new addition to your yard for years to come. Read more