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Tree Warning Signs

3 Tree Warning Signs

How Bad is it Really?

Trees have a way of showing you how they feel through certain telltale signs. However, sometimes what may look like a health issue is just a natural way of life. From peeling tree bark to swaying trunks, learn what signs need your immediate attention. Read more

Plant Doctor

Be Your Own Plant Doctor

Nurse Your Garden Back to Health

Is there a plant doctor in the house? Yes! It’s you! Learn to diagnose and treat your plants indoors or out with these easy tips. Read more

Tree Doctors

Is There a Tree Doctor in the House?

When & Why You Need One

When you’re not feeling well, where’s the first place you turn? Besides searching the web for your symptoms. We turn to doctors to help heal a myriad of ailments for ourselves, children, and pets. So why not our trees? Tree doctors, also known as arborists, are trained to diagnose and treat all sorts of plant issues including disease. Some even specialize in a specific disease or tree. Discover more about what a tree doctor can do, and may not do, and decide whether you need to call one in the morning. Read more

Summer Pruning Tips

Summer Pruning Tips

What to Cut This Season

While watering may be at the top of your list in this hot, dry weather, pruning may also be a consideration for certain plants. Here are some summer pruning tips to produce more brilliant blooms and healthy plants. Read more

Wait for Tree Removal

When to Wait for Tree Removal

And When Not To

There are certain circumstances when you can wait for tree removal. In fact, there may be a way you can save it from coming down altogether. But there are also times when it should be removed asap. Here are some of those reasons. Read more

Why Tree Removal is Expensive

Why Tree Removal is Expensive

And How to Save Some Money

Trees are magnificent beasts. Some can grow to massive sizes and provide a whole yard with shade. So when it comes to removing a tree, don’t expect it to be cheap—for good reason. Here are some of those reasons why tree removal is expensive and how you can help save yourself some money. Read more