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DIY Deer Repellent

DIY Deer Repellents

What Works and What Stinks

Watching deer quietly graze and gracefully sprint through the fields is certainly a wonderful sight. Seeing them do the same in your yard and garden—not so wonderful. There are many different DIY deer repellents, but what really works? Read more

Spring Tree Pruning

Spring Tree Pruning

Some Do’s and Don’ts

Looking forward to seeing your trees and plants bloom this spring? Well, before they do, you may want to think about spring tree pruning first. Here are some do's and don'ts to remember. Read more

Stump Grinding Tools

Stump Grinding Tools

For When You’re Stumped on Removing a Stump

After a tree is cut down, most landscaping companies leave the stump unless removal is part of the initial quote. It's easy enough to get rid of it yourself with the right stump grinding tools. Read more

Smart DIY Tree Removal

Smart DIY Tree Removal

Safety Tips and Suggestions

For those who prefer doing all kinds of home improvement projects themselves, tree removal could be on that list, but only in certain conditions. Here are some smart DIY tree removal tips. Read more

How Much Tree Trimming is Too Much

Tree Trimming

How Much is Too Much

We all want to keep our plants healthy and thriving, so we water and mulch and prune, but sometimes we can get a little carried away. Tree trimming is an important part of maintenance, but removing too much can hurt your poor plants. Know when to say when, because your plant won't tell you until it's too late—and it dies. Read more