Storm Damage Remediation

Repair property damage after a storm

Storm damageOur region is vulnerable to storms of all kinds. Whether we’re hit by a hurricane, blizzard, or ice storm, trees are especially susceptible to extreme weather damage. Elite Tree Care offers storm damage remediation for both commercial and residential properties. We review your property after a storm hits to discuss how to remediate any tree damage that could cause harm to your family or destruction to your property.

High winds, saturated soil, heavy ice, and snow accumulation can harm tree roots and weaken branches. Most storm-related property damage occurs when trees and limbs fall, crack, or split. Our ISA-certified arborists work to cut back damaged and partially severed limbs and clean up plant debris.

Trees are a beautiful, valuable asset to your property. Unless a tree presents a hazard that cannot be remedied, Elite Tree Care will rarely advise removal. We do everything we can to maintain your landscape’s beauty as it was before it was affected by storm damage.

Free Quote for Storm Damage Remediation

Contact Elite Tree Care at 610-935-2279 for a free estimate from one of our highly trained arborists. Our experienced team will work to efficiently restore the beauty and safety of your trees.