When to Treat Tree Disease or Remove a Tree

Tips to Save You Time and Money

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The decision to treat tree disease or remove it from your property can be difficult, but equally important. Whether the tree is hit by lightning, infested with insects, or slowly decaying, you have the option to treat or remove the tree—but a decision must be made. If a dead or dying tree is left unattended, it could cause property damage, injury, and a greater expense in the future.

When to Treat Tree Disease

Even if a tree is diseased or infested, there is the option to treat it with liquid fungicides and other formulas. However, treatments need to be ongoing, which adds time and cost to your yard maintenance.

If you notice splits in the tree trunk, this can be fixed by pinning the opening together with rods.

Dead limbs are one of the easiest things to fix. Simply cut them. Pruning your trees properly can help in preventing future damage and disease. However, improper pruning and trimming over time can shock and stress a tree.

When to Remove a Tree

Certain tree diseases and traumatic events can damage the tree beyond repair. If you’re not up for the ongoing maintence required to treat a tree, consider having it removed.

If the tree has died, for any reason, it’s best to remove it.

Excavation or construction in the area around a tree can cause damage to the root system, which could also lead to removal.

Here are a few other factors that could lead to having to remove a tree from your property:

• Decaying trunk
• Fungal tree disease
• Insect infestation
• Dead from disease or lightning strike

When it’s necessary to remove a tree, consider the size of the tree and location, plus how much cleanup is involved. This will help determine the cost of removal. Keep in mind that taking the stump out is usually an extra expense.

Consult with the professionals at Elite Tree Care to help determine whether a tree can be treated or should be removed.

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