Deep Root Fertilization

More About the Process and Necessary Tools


Deep root fertilization is the process of injecting fertilizer deep into the soil for it to be absorbed by a tree’s deepest-reaching roots. This helps prolong your tree’s life, promotes health, and provides preventative care. Read on to learn more about the process and tools needed for proper application.

Deep Root Fertilization Tools

Many of the tools needed for deep root fertilization are designed to deliver nutrients to the deepest-reaching roots—usually about 8′ to 10′ deep—that other fertilizers and tools cannot reach.

  1. Root feeder. A tall, stake-like tool with trigger attachment to pressure feed roots from two to ten inches deep.
  2. Irrigation tool. Cultivating tool features a T-style handle that increases leverage, and a pointed tip and a hose fitting for water flow.
  3. Liquid fertilizer. Provides a continuous source of slow-release nitrogen and potassium to the soil. When used for deep root injection, steady release can last from three to six months of fertilization depending on the soil and climate conditions.
  4. Air spade. Drills a grid of holes deep into the tree root zone and injects a slow-release liquid fertilizer into the holes near the root system.

Benefits of Deep Fertilizing

Normal lawn fertilization is beneficial to grass, soil, and the shallow roots of a tree, but it’s harder to penetrate the roots further beneath the surface. Fertilizing deeper gives the entire root system access to the nutrients the tree needs to thrive. Here are some other perks of the process:

  • Stimulates root and new shoot growth.
  • Aids flowering, fruit development, and healthy foliage.
  • Increased resistance to disease and pest infestations.
  • Improves soil conditions and neutralizes nutrient deficiencies.
  • Aerates soil and reduces compaction.
  • Reduces weather-related injuries like frost and sunburn.

More Questions About Deep Root Fertilization?

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