Removing Woodland Trees

Why You Should or Shouldn’t


Living out in the woods can be both beautiful and dangerous. Being surrounded by trees provides shade, privacy, and natural beauty, but can also create problems if trees start to decay or fall. There are a few reasons why removing woodland trees around your property is a good idea, but also reasons why you should think long and hard about that decision.

Reasons for Removing Woodland Trees

Living in a highly wooded area comes with some major maintenance issues related to all the trees. While removing them all would be a bad idea, here are some issues to keep in mind.

  1. Safety. Make sure the trees very close to your home or other structures are well cared for. Any diseased or decaying tree should be removed before it falls and does any damage.
  2. Maintenance. All trees require regular maintenance—from pruning to raking leaves. If you can’t keep up with the work, it may be better to remove the tree than let the unkept maintenance cause any damage to your yard.
  3. Space. Whether you’re looking to clear space for a garden or addition to your home, removing woodland trees around your property may be necessary. This is especially true for homeowners with only a small piece of land.

Why You Shouldn’t Remove Woodland Trees

  1. Ecosystem. A tree is more than a jumble of roots, branches, and leaves. It’s a home for wildlife and part of the delicate balance of nature. Removing a tree negatively affects insects, birds, soil, and other systems around your yard. If you have to remove a tree, replace it with bird feeders, other plants, and structures that can make up for its loss and restore the natural balance.
  2. Debeautification. How beautiful is the changing leaves of fall, the budding branches of spring, the snow-covered silhouette of a forest? Sure, each of these requires work to maintain its beauty, but cutting it down should not be the only option.
  3. Less shade. Removing a tree takes away important shade around your property. Your yard becomes more bare, hot, and susceptible to hot spots in your grass.
  4. Not Easily Reversed. Trees take decades to grow and mature. Once you cut it down, you can’t just replant it if you change your mind.

Who Should Remove Woodland Trees

If you have to remove a woodland tree, call a professional to take it down. This is especially important if it’s close to other trees and structures. The tree trunk and branches of healthy trees can be reused for lumber or wood chips. If the tree is in the woods, it can also be left there to give back to the forest floor.

Tree Removal Guide

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