3 Signs of Healthy Tree Growth

What to Look for & Who to Contact for Help


During the winter, a bare tree may look like it’s dead without the branches full of lush life, but it’s actually a great time of year to check your trees to make sure it’s healthy. There are at least three signs of healthy tree growth you should focus on.

Signs of Healthy Tree Growth

Take a good look at your tree, and if you notice anything different from what’s below, talk to a certified arborist about how you can improve your tree’s health.

1. One main trunk. One, straight, strong trunk in the center of your tree adds stability to the whole structure. Any cracks in the trunk, or a second, competing off-shoot may cause future problems.

2. New growth. It may not be as evident in the winter, but you should be able to notice if the trunk got taller and put out more branches. Different trees have different growth patterns, so research your variety, or ask an arborist for help.

3. Healthy branches. Without any leaves to block your view, you should be able to see if there are any broken or diseased branches on your tree. These should be pruned as soon as possible before it attracts insects. Test any questionable branches by scraping it with your thumbnail—living branches show green underneath. Gently bend it, and if it snaps easily then it could also be dead.

Professional Problem Solving

If your trees are showing any signs of disease or decay, and the problem is more work than a simple pruning, contact the specialists at Elite Tree Care to see what can be done.