Felling Trees Close to the House

What to do & What Not to do


Tree removal can be a tough task, especially if it’s in a bad spot. Felling trees close to the house or another structure requires even more care. It’s a job best left for the professionals but read on to learn more about the proper way to remove the tree.

What to do with Trees Close to the House

Unless the tree is damaged, diseased, dead, or causing structural damage, it’s best to leave large trees where they areā€”even if it’s close to the house. If it must be removed, hire a professional tree removal company to take care of the job. They have the tools and experience to do it right. If you must do it yourself, at least learn the right way to handle it. Just prepare yourself to deal with any additional damage it may cause.

Careful Tree Removal

Here are some things to keep in mind before removing any tree:

  1. Consider its height and look around the area. What could it possibly fall on? Remove any possible obstacles that you can from its path.
  2. Does the tree lean to one side? If so, this is most likely the direction it will fall in. Go with it as much as possible to make the task easier.
  3. Safely trim as much of the tree as you can to reduce the number of branches that could crash into things and make the trunk easier to access.
  4. Wrap a rope around the top of the tree as a pull line to guide it in the right direction.
  5. With a chainsaw, make a cut on the side of the trunk where you want the tree to fall (remember to go with the lean if possible). Make your first cut parallel to the ground, then make one slanted cut above this cut and one slanted cut below, creating a V-shaped notch with a 90-degree opening.
  6. Make a back cut behind the notch. Cut slightly above the point of the notch cut. Have a friend pull on the line while you are doing this to give the tree direction to fall away from your house.

How to Avoid Tree Damage

The best way to avoid having to cut down a tree close to the house is by not planting it there in the first place. Before planting anything, keep in mind how big it will get and plan accordingly. If the tree was already there, the next best way to help prevent damage is by enlisting a professional. Contact Elite Tree Care if you have a tree close to your house or any other structure you don’t want the tree falling on. It may cost a little more than doing it yourself, but staying safe rather than sorry is priceless.

Tree Removal Guide

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