Tree Pruning Techniques for the Family

Get Everyone Involved in Keeping Trees Healthy


Keeping your trees trimmed is just as important to your home, family, and neighbors as it is for the tree. Get the family involved in proper tree pruning techniques to teach the importance of this practice.

Reasons for Pruning

Trees should be trimmed for a number of reasons:

  1. Tree health. Pruning dead or diseased branches helps prevent further damage to the tree. Proper pruning also improves airflow and light exposure, providing the tree with vital nutrients.
  2. Safety. Weak branches need to be removed before they fall and cause further damage to the tree and whatever is around it.
  3. Aesthetics. Pruning the bad branches makes the tree look better, and also helps maintain its proper shape.

Tree Pruning Techniques for Kids

Kids love helping, right? They’ll jump in a pile of leaves and make forts out of shoveled snow. Have them collect fallen twigs and manageable branches from the lawn so that they don’t create obstacles for lawn mowers. Whether they use the sticks for crafts, roasting marshmallows, or tossing in the trash, make sure there’s nothing toxic or poisonous growing on it.

Tree Pruning for Teens

Teens that could use more chores and fewer chat rooms can be put to work pruning low hanging branches they can reach from the ground. Show them the right way of trimming a branch so it doesn’t cause added damage to the tree. It’s best to prune when the tree is dormant, but hazardous branches should be cut ASAP.

Techniques for Adults

Adults should also learn the proper way of pruning. Branches less than five centimeters in diameter are usually safe to cut. Anything larger than that should be left for professionals. Other tips to keep in mind:

  • Trim weak branches with V-shaped, narrow angles.
  • Branches with strong U-shaped angles should be left alone unless otherwise damaged.
  • Cut branches that cross another branch.
  • Pruning young branches makes it easier to manage tree shape.
  • Make sure you don’t trim a branch too close or too long. Leave the branch collar (bottom base of a branch) but not a stub.
  • Don’t trim more than one-fourth of a living crown at a time.
  • Angle pruning cuts down and away from the stem.

Professional Tree Pruning

If your trees need more than a basic trim, contact a professional tree trimming company, like Elite Tree Care for a consultation or quote for a larger project.

Tree Pruning Guide

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