Is it Dead?

Spring Tree Removal

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Now that spring is in full bloom, it’s a good idea to look around and see what’s not. Some trees take longer to show signs of regrowth, but if there’s one not showing any signs of life it may be time to consider spring tree removal.

Tree Inspection Checklist

Between warmer temperatures and different weather patterns, there are a few things to look out for while inspecting your trees and plants.

Standing water. If spring showers bring flooding to certain areas around your trees, this could lead to damage, disease, or pest infestation. Try alleviating the problem with irrigation and soil aeration. If the problem persists, contact an arborist about a solution—which may include tree removal.

Dead branches. Winter weather and brutal spring storms can easily whip branches around, breaking or bending them. You may also notice some bare branches among newly budding ones in the same tree. Properly pruning these branches is important for total tree health.

Bent branches. If the branch is intact but still out of shape, there are cabling and bracing techniques that can help save the tree structure.

Spring Tree Removal

While spring is a great time to plant new trees, it’s also the season when many are removed. After going through the checklist above and determining there are too many issues that can’t be corrected with regular maintenance, it’s time to consider tree removal.

It’s easier to remove a tree while it’s still dormant in the early spring. It’s easier to see the branches that need cutting if there are no leaves in the way. The ground is also colder, protecting any nearby vegetation. However, once the tree blooms, the grass and other plants start growing, and whipping winds start doing more damage to more trees, tree companies get busier and the job gets more complicated.

While trees can be removed at any time of year, the difference will be in the cost. It’s a good idea to get multiple quotes for tree removal, especially during a busy season. Be wary of extremely low bids—they may be cutting costs on important issues like insurance and equipment. Always make sure the company is insured and can provide references. Contact Elite Tree Care for more information on tree removal during the spring or any other season.

Tree Removal Guide

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