Professional Tree Care Tips

Keep Trees Alive. Watch them Thrive.


Now that the trees are coming back to life, it’s a great reminder of how to keep them at their best. Keep these professional tree care tips in mind during the season so your trees won’t only stay alive, they’ll thrive.

Professional Tree Care Tips

Take it from the pros, regularly maintaining your tree not only helps it stay healthy, but it also saves you the headache of having to deal with larger issues, like pests, disease, and eventually tree removal. To make things easier, create a schedule for when certain tasks need to be done. Consult with the tree care experts at Elite Tree Care to help customize a plan for all of your yard needs year-round. Here are some tasks to add to that list:

Tree Trimming and Pruning. While it’s best to save the big pruning and shaping jobs for when trees are dormant in the winter, it’s always a good time to trim back broken, dead, and diseased branches.

Soil Testing. Treat your tree from the ground up. Test your soil so you know what nutrients it may be missing. Roots need to thrive below the soil and create a stable foundation for everything else.

Fertilization. The grass isn’t the only element in your yard that needs food! Soil test results are an indication of what needs to be balanced, then you’ll have a better idea of what type of fertilizer to add.

Disease and Pest Check. Look for any signs of distress, including weak limbs, holes, and spots on the trunk, branches, and leaves. Early leaf drop or a lack of buds are also signs something is not right. Regularly monitoring your tree’s health will help you stay on top of any issues that may arise and treat them early.

Storm Damage. Storms can happen in any season. High winds, downpours, heavy snow and ice—it can all lead to fallen limbs and even uprooted trees. From a quick trim of broken branches to the removal of fallen trees, it’s best to deal with whatever happens immediately.

A Healthy Tree is a Happy Tree

The best way to avoid any issues—from diseases to damage—is to keep your tree in top health! The right soil, watering and pruning schedule, and nutrients all work to help prevent future problems. Contact Elite Tree Care for a consultation on what your trees need the most. Create a maintenance schedule you can stick to and goals for year-round care.

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