Is Tree Removal Insurance Worth It?

Short Answer: Yes.

If you’re about to do something dangerous, would you want to help protect yourself and others who could be impacted? We sure hope so. And this is why tree removal insurance is worth it.

Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst

When you’re looking to hire a professional tree removal company, you already have a lot on your mind:

Many homeowners don’t focus on some of the more important factors of tree removal, like hiring a company that’s insured. It may not be the cheapest company, and you may have to wait a little longer for certain inspections to take place, but taking precautions for something that could potentially damage your property and hurt the people involved is worth a few inconveniences.

Tree Removal Insurance Worth

So, why is insurance so important? Any of the following can happen during the tree removal process:

  • A wayward branch falls and hits a person.
  • Property is damaged by falling limbs.
  • Those taking down the tree get hurt.

Do you want any of this on your conscience or your bill? This is why you need to check the level of insurance coverage from the company handling the job. It’s also why you shouldn’t even consider trying to take the tree down yourself. Between the heights and the heaviness, there’s a lot of potential for disaster. There’s also more of a chance the project will go smoothly if a trained/licensed/insured professional is in charge.

Types of Insurance Coverage

Once you’ve discovered the company you want to hire is insured, look a little closer at their coverage. There are a few different types (the company you hire should have both of these):

  • General liability. Make sure the policy specifies tree work or any possible claim may be instantly denied.
  • Workers’ compensation. This also needs to include tree work, since the insurance payouts could be higher for dangerous vocations.

You should request a certificate of insurance to see for yourself whether tree work is listed before deciding to hire a particular company. If it seems like a lot or a pain, just think of the pain from any problems caused.

For more information on what’s involved during the planning process for tree removal, contact Elite Tree Care.

Tree Removal Guide

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