Should I Remove the Stump?

And Other Questions to Ask After Tree Removal


No one wants to have to take down a tree. It can be a complicated, expensive process, and trees add so much to our surroundings. However, when the time comes, there’s another decision you have to make: should you remove the tree stump? Here are some reasons why you should and how you should go about doing it.

Reasons to Remove the Tree Stump

Just as there are many reasons why you should remove a tree, there are also many reasons why you should remove the stump with it.

  1. Safety. Stumps and their roots are tripping hazards.
  2. Disease. Wood-loving insects, such as termites, beetles, and carpenter ants, would love to take up residence in your tree stump. Fungi is also likely to grow and could spread disease to other healthy plants in the area.
  3. Root damage. As long as the stump lingers, the roots are alive. Growing roots can do damage to underground utility lines and break up hardscaped pathways. When you remove the stump, make sure you remove all the roots too to prevent additional growth and damage.
  4. Take up space. A stump is pretty much wasted space. You can’t plant anything else in its place. The roots also take up valuable land that could otherwise be home to pretty plants or lush grass.
  5. Aesthetics. Tree stumps aren’t the most beautiful thing in your yard and garden, especially if they’re right in the middle of your lawn. Quickly upgrade the look of your lawn by removing any unsightly stumps.

Once you’ve decided to get rid of the stump, you need to decide what method to use.

Stump Removal Process

Like any tree care task, for best results, call a professional. Before taking any action, a pro will evaluate the situation, including the location of the stump and what else could be affected. Then they’ll get the job done efficiently and effectively.

If you’re set on doing it yourself, there are a few options. Just don’t break out the chain and pull the truck around just yet. Not only will trying to pull a stump out with your car do damage to your vehicle, but chances are it won’t get all the roots out.

One of the best ways to remove a stump is to grind it down. This tool can be rented from your local lawn care center or provided by a pro.

Burning the stump is a less expensive but more involved process. Holes need to be drilled into the stump and filled with potassium nitrate. The formula then needs time to penetrate the stump entirely to work before lighting it up.

Again, hiring a pro can help protect the surrounding area no matter which stump removal process you choose. Contact Elite Tree Care for more information on stump removal and the best course of action to take.

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