Spring Tree Maintenance & Removal

4 Reasons for Taking Action Today

As the unofficial start of summer approaches, the window for major tree maintenance closes. Get in some final pruning days before harsh weather hits. Take this time to evaluate if a weaker tree should be removed before wild summer storms. Learn more about the reasons spring tree maintenance and removal are important.

Spring Tree Maintenance

Hopefully, the leaves have returned to your trees by now and you’ve been enjoying the colors of spring. If not, there could be a plant health issue to be resolved. Don’t wait too long to pay attention to your plants. Here are some things to focus on.

  1. Signs of Stress. Take a look at your tree and notice if there are any spots where leaves didn’t grow back. Are there any large growths? Does it seem like more bugs are being attracted to it? All of these could be signs it needs more attention.
  2. Pruning. Healthy trees have a more uniform shape and support strong branches. This is why you need to prune anything that doesn’t live up to these standards. This includes dead, diseased, or damaged branches. Not only does the right pruning strengthen a tree, but it also helps prevent pests and other diseases. Try to prune before the birds build their nest so you don’t accidentally evict any from your tree.
  3. Maximize the bloom. Trees and plants focus a lot of energy on growing and blooming this season, but there are ways you can help improve the process. Sometimes the best time to prune a tree is after it’s done blooming. Cutting out the older branches helps the plant focus more energy on new growth.
  4. Salvaging a Tree. As a large part of nature, trees are supposed to stand up to all kinds of elements, but there are times they could use a little help. This especially goes for trees in your yard and close to your house. Try cable and bracing main branches that are compromised. Reconsider placing a shed or swing set too close to a trunk or root system. Actions you take now will either have positive or negative effects on the tree.

Tree Removal

If your tree is beyond repair, you may want to consider removal. A certified arborist can help make that decision as well as the best way to go about it. Typically, if there’s not an easy way to improve the structure of the tree or it’s not bouncing back from pests or disease, it’s time to say goodbye before it becomes a danger.

Luckily, spring is also an ideal time to grow grass in any spot vacated by a large tree or shrub. Once you’ve removed the stump and leveled the ground, return it to a lawn or create a garden.

All it takes is a little time and effort to prepare your plants for the upcoming seasons. This extra attention can mean the difference between catching issues early and saving your plants and property. If you have any other questions about the right maintenance techniques for this time of year, contact Elite Tree Care today.

Tree Removal Guide

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