3 Reasons to Plant Trees this Season

Plus the Proper Way How


Trees get a lot of attention this time of year. They put on a colorful show as their leaves change and drop. While it may not be a great season for pruning, it’s a wonderful time for fall tree planting. Here are several reasons why you should consider planting now and how to go about it.

Fall Tree Planting

As seasons change, so does the weather and temperature. This either makes it easier or more difficult for plants to grow. The right timing can greatly impact a plant’s overall health. Here’s why fall is an ideal time for planting trees and shrubs:

  1. Fresh inventory. Nurseries dig up bare-root plants in the fall to sell. What doesn’t get sold is stored over the winter and sold in the spring. Of course, some plants may not last that long, so not only do you have fresher plants to pick from, there’s more selection now as well.
  2. Cool weather. It’s not too hot or cold this time of year, so it makes the planting process less stressful on you and the plant.
  3. Moist soil. The soil is easier to work with than in the spring when it’s still thawing. There’s also more rainfall this time of year than the summer or winter. This is better for the plant to establish roots during the dormant season. Roots will begin to grow as soon as they come in contact with moist earth. They won’t stop growing until the ground freezes.

Proper Planting Process

Just as there’s a better season for planting, there’s also a better process. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • The right spot. Plan on how big the tree is likely to get and pick a place that can accommodate this size. Also consider how much light and water the area gets. Survey the spot for any potential hazards, such as building and utility lines.
  • Digging the hole. Once you pick the perfect spot, you can start to dig the proper hole. It should be twice the diameter of the root ball but not as deep. The top of the roots should remain above ground level. Once you place the ball in the center of the hole, fill the space around it with soil that’s slightly graded away from the stem.
  • Post-planting. Once the tree is planted, mulch around the tree beyond the dripline. Deeply water the new plant by slowly soaking the soil. Continue to water deeply on a weekly basis to encourage the roots to stretch deeper.

Any newly planted tree will need extra attention in the first few years. You may want to consider staking the tree to help stabilize it until the roots become more established. You’ll also want to help protect the young bark by fencing off the area to prevent wildlife from feasting on it in the winter.

Contact Elite Tree Care for more tips on planting trees this season and how to help maintain them for years to come.