Be Thankful You Don’t Need Tree Removal

Ways to Help Save Your Tree & Environment

While you’re gathered around the table giving thanks this season, give a shout out to one of nature’s wonders: trees. Trees provide so much to humanity and the environment. However, often quick decisions are made to have them cut down in certain situations. Learn about a few tree removal alternatives that helps create a win-win situation for you and nature.

Be Thankful for Trees

Trees are essential to both the environment and living things, as they provide:

  • Oxygen
  • Home for wildlife
  • Beauty
  • Better air quality
  • Shelter
  • Shade
  • And more.

However, there are certain situations where tree removal is considered because of:

  • Safety. From broken branches to a significant lean, trees have the ability to cause a lot of damage when they fall or drop large limbs.
  • Disease. Whether infested with a fungus or pests, tree disease can spread to other plants and attract wood-eating insects that have the potential of damaging other property.
  • Development. Often trees are removed to make room for construction paths or structures.

Fortunately, there are alternative approaches to addressing tree issues that don’t involve removing them altogether and altering the natural balance of your yard and nature.

Tree Removal Alternatives

When a certain tree issue arises, many are quick to call for removal without thinking of the alternatives. There are ways to create a win-win-win situation where you don’t have to worry about additional damage, the tree survives and thrives, and the environment benefits from all a tree has to offer. Consider these solutions before immediately chopping down a problematic plant.

  1. Pruning. When a tree receives regular attention in the form of proper trimming and care, it can better maintain its health and beauty. A strong tree is more likely to withstand harsh weather and other unfavorable conditions. Pruning also gets rid of dead or diseased branches, removing these potential hazards immediately.
  2. Cable and Brace. If a tree suffers from structural issues, such as a significant lean or weakened limb, certain cabling and bracing techniques can help support the tree as it regains stability.
  3. Deep Root Fertilization. Sometimes the root of a tree’s problem is based in the roots. A tree can’t live its best life surrounded by poor soil. Injecting nutrients directly into the root zone helps improve tree health to make it more resilient to disease and stress.
  4. Disease & Pest Management. If a tree is inflicted with a certain disease or pest, focus on treating the issue instead of simply taking it down. This way the disease and pests are less likely to spread to other plants.
  5. Transplanting. If a tree is in the way of a construction project, can you safely move it to a new location? If it isn’t possible to uproot a tree, you may also want to think about planting something new once construction is complete.
  6. Preservation. Urban development poses one of the biggest threats to existing trees. However, each construction project should also include a plan for preserving green space, limiting soil compaction, and installing protective barriers around the root zones of surviving trees.
  7. Creating Wildlife Habitats. While you may simply see a tree that’s in the way or damaged beyond repair, area wildlife sees food and shelter. If you have to remove a certain tree, consider replacing it with an alternative habitat to regain a natural balance. If possible, leave a portion of the trunk standing for a birdhouse, plant another tree in its place or more appropriate location, or add shorter shrubs for additional shelter elsewhere.

Professional Tree Solutions

Now that you know how important trees are, hopefully you’ll think twice about removing them. One of the best ways to determine what to remove and what can stay is by having the tree and situation evaluated by an arborist. Contact Elite Tree Care to help assess any tree you may deem problematic. We’ll discuss any necessary pruning or treatment needed to help improve the condition. With thoughtful care and professional planning, you can live safely in a thriving natural environment.

Tree Removal Guide

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