Why Fall Tree Pruning Isn’t Ideal

Discover What Your Tree is Going Through


Leaves are falling, winter’s calling. It’s almost time to prune. Just wait a little longer unless it’s absolutely necessary. Find out why fall tree pruning isn’t ideal.

What Your Tree is Going Through

While we’re busy watching the leaves change color and fall, we’re actually watching trees prepare for winter. Since the ground is about to freeze, the trees won’t be able to access a lot of water, So they’re conserving their resources by losing their leaves which need moisture and energy to stay green.

Why Fall Tree Pruning Isn’t Ideal

Trees are also preparing to go dormant for the winter. Imagine preparing to go to sleep and constantly having someone disturb you. This is what happens when you prune in the fall. Pruning encourages the tree to use what energy it has stored up to heal the new cuts. Pruning too much at the wrong time puts added stress on the tree. However, once the tree is already dormant—not actively growing—pruning is less of a stress. Think of it like being put to sleep before major surgery.

Exceptions to the Rule

There are certain times when some light pruning may be necessary this time of year. Once the leaves have fallen and you have a better view of branches, you may notice some signs of disease. This would be a good time to call a certified arborist to examine the issue and recommend next steps. Hopefully all it needs is a light pruning (when it’s time) or disease treatment.

If you’re still considering pruning in the fall, contact Elite Tree Care to help. Not only is it safer to have a professional prune large, tall, or diseased branches, but we will also consider the time of year and if pruning can wait until winter.

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