How to Estimate Tree Removal Cost

7 Factors that Effect Price

Tree removal is a complicated process, but under certain circumstances it can also be a necessary one. This is why it’s not only important to consider all other options before deciding to remove a tree, but to also contact a professional with the right tools and knowledge to do the job safely and effectively. Here are some factors that help determine how to estimate tree removal cost. While every tree is different, it will help you better understand what goes into an arborist’s quote.

How to Estimate the Cost of Tree Removal

From the tree type to its current condition, many factors effect the cost of removal. This is why it’s important to have a professional arborist evaluate the tree and surrounding area to give you a more detailed quote. Here are some of the influential factors.

  1. Species. Some dense trees are harder to cut and dispose of, impacting labor and time estimates.
  2. Tree size. Taller and wider trees generally cost more to remove if specialized equipment is required.
  3. Volume of debris. Larger trees produce more debris, which can affect disposal costs.
  4. Health. Dead or diseased trees may be more unpredictable and hazardous to remove, requiring additional precautions.
  5. Structure. Trees with multiple trunks or extensive branching systems can be more complex to remove.
  6. Location. Trees located near structures and utility lines pose additional challenges and risks.
  7. Terrain. Slopes or rocky areas can complicate the removal process.

While some of these conditions can be determined before removal, other factors, such as a pest presence, may not be noticeable until removal has already begun. This is just one more reason why it’s important to have a pro handle the job.

Additional Tree Removal Services

When you get a quote for tree removal, it usually includes the labor and tools necessary to only bring down the large branches and trunk. So, if there’s something else you want the tree removal company to take care of, you need to discuss this during the quoting process. Here are few additional fees.

  • Stump removal. Grinding the stump down requires special equipment, so it’s usually a separate charge.
  • Debris removal. While this could be included in the overall cost it can also be an charge extra based on the volume.
  • Log splitting/chipping. Most tree removal companies will carry away the large pieces of trunk and branches. However, if you want to save the wood and have them split firewood or chip mulch, this adds to the cost.
  • Permits. Some municipalities require permits for removing certain species. A pro will know the local regulations and factor permit costs into your estimate.
  • Emergency removal. Sometimes there is an added cost if immediate services are needed due to storm damage or safety concerns.

The best way to ensure you understand every aspect of your tree removal is to have the company provide a detailed quote that includes all potential costs and services.

Elite Tree Care Tree Removal

The ISA-certified arborists at Elite Tree Care take tree removal seriously. We understand the ecological impact of removing the tree and offer alternatives when appropriate. Our experienced team is fully insured for the safe removal of any size tree using our state-of-the-art equipment. Our expert climbers are dedicated to continued education in their field, so you can be sure your tree and property is in good hands. Contact 610-935-2279 for a free quote and our specialists will come take a look and outline a plan of action for your tree’s safe removal.

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