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Remove the Tree Stump

Should I Remove the Stump?

And Other Questions to Ask After Tree Removal

No one wants to have to take down a tree. It can be a complicated, expensive process, and trees add so much to our surroundings. However, when the time comes, there’s another decision you have to make: should you remove the tree stump? Here are some reasons why you should and how you should go about doing it. Read more

Fall Tree Planting Tips

Fall Tree Planting Tips

Choose the Right Type & Spot

If the beauty of autumn leaves has you pining for more trees, you’re in luck! Fall is a wonderful time to plant. Follow these fall tree planting tips and enjoy the new addition to your yard for years to come. Read more

Signs Your Tree Needs Pruning

Signs Your Tree Needs Pruning

Not to Ignore During Any Season

While the fall isn’t the best time to prune trees, there are certain signs your tree needs pruning that you shouldn’t ignore. If you notice any of these, you may not want to wait a few more months until the tree goes dormant in the winter. You can always contact an arborist before you get the trimmers out, but at least you’ll know what to look for. Read more

Signs Your Tree Needs Attention

Pay Attention to Your Trees

Seek Help if You Notice These Signs

Would you be able to tell if your tree is in trouble? There are obvious signs of stress, such as discolored leaves and early drop. But some issues may not be noticed right away. Here are some signs your tree needs attention. If it’s not something you normally see, take a closer look. It could mean saving a tree from disease or damage. Read more

Tree Removal Signs

Signs You Need Tree Removal

It May be Time to Call an Arborist

This is the time of year a lot of focus shifts to trees. As the leaves change to brilliant hues and start to fall, it should also be a reminder to look a little closer and make sure the tree itself won’t fall. While cutting down a tree is not ideal, it could be a necessity. Here are some signs you need tree removal. If you notice any, it’s time to call an arborist. Read more

Professional Plant Care Benefits

Professional Plant Care Benefits

Trust the Pros Who Know

Between pruning, mowing, watering, and fertilizing, your lawn and garden need a lot of attention. While some prefer to do the work themselves (gardening can be therapeutic) others have no problem putting it in the hands of pros. There are certainly many benefits of professional plant care. Here are a few. Read more