Tree Removal: Why to Remove the Stump, Too

Tree Stump Removal

If you’ve hired a tree removal company to cut down a dead or decaying tree on your property, you will probably need to decide whether to pay to have them to handle tree stump removal, too. Here are four reasons you should spend the extra money to get it done:

Tree stumps can become an obstacle and even a hazard.

You’ll have to maneuver around the stump when mowing or weeding. Children and guests who aren’t expecting it could easily run into it and fall.

Tree stumps are an eyesore.

Stumps are not pleasing to the eye. They quickly take away from an otherwise gorgeous landscape. Stumps also contribute to new sprouts, resulting in many small trees shooting up around the stump. This can become not only unsightly but also expensive to try to control or remove.

Stumps attract insects.

A decaying stump will invite wood-boring insects such as beetles, ants, and termites to your yard. Once they’ve established a presence there, the pests can easily find their way into other trees and into your home.

Tree stumps take up precious space.

Think about it – what else could you do with that real estate? Plant a beautiful tree? Set up a picnic table, put in a raised garden bed, or build a playhouse for the children? Don’t let that stump get in the way of a safer, more enjoyable living space.

Removing the stump might cost you a few extra bucks up front, but consider it an investment in the long-term safety and beauty of your property. The removal itself can be achieved with chemicals, stump grinding, and/or digging. Consult with a reputable tree care company on the best and safest method for you.

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