Tree Trimming: 5 Reasons to Hire the Pros

Arborist cutting tree

Why spend the money on a professional tree trimming or pruning service, when you feel completely confident that you can do the job yourself? Here are five good reasons to pay the experts to prune your trees, despite your self-declared landscaping abilities.

1. Tree hazards are tricky to see.

Limbs may look perfectly fine, but may completely rotten and break when weight is put on them. There are trees that are not safe to climb that we often use a bucket truck or crane to remove them because putting a climber in them poses a major possibility of injury. You cannot always spot these risks if you don’t have the experience or proper training.

2. Tools can become self-inflicting weapons.

Tree removal involves power tools, such as chainsaws, hand saws, and ladders. If they get into the wrong hands, or if something goes wrong, you could have a bad injury. Accidents can happen in a single second, with one miscalculation. On the other hand, a professional tree removal company knows how to properly use the tools needed to accomplish this service. Pros use these tools all day, every day, all year long. They still have the occasional injury, but that’s why a reputable company such as Elite Tree Care is bonded and insured.  Is the risk worth it to you?

3. You can damage your property with DIY tree trimming.

You must take a tree’s parts down methodically, piece by piece, to trim it successfully and safely. If you were to tackle this job on your own, you may not know exactly where to start. By starting too high, you may cause the cut branch to fall and knock down weaker branches on its way down. This can cause damage to the property below or even hurt you while you’re stuck in the tree.

4. Falling branches are difficult to predict.

It’s not as easy as cutting a little divot into that massive branch and sizing it up. Even if you get the angle right, you could miscalculate and have the limb hit something when it falls. And even when you do everything right, a tree branch can snap unexpectedly and knock you unconscious.

5. The results of DIY tree trimming could get ugly.

Would you dare cut your own hair? The results are usually either comedic or disastrous. Likewise, DIY tree pruning and trimming can end in an unpleasant, lopsided appearance for your tree. On the other hand, proper, professional pruning can make your tree look more graceful and attractive. The right trimming techniques also can promote healthy growth of leaves and flowers.

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