Tree Pruning for Property Managers: 4 Ways That Pruning Boosts Profits

Professional pruning a tree

Property managers: is tree pruning a part of your regular maintenance program? It should be, if you care about profitability. Here are four reasons why tree pruning and trimming can keep business booming.

1. Tree pruning keeps your signs visible.

If you want customers to stop and come in to your retail location, your signage must be as visible as possible. Large tree branches can cover signs and block good lines of sight. Experienced tree professionals such as those at Elite Tree Care know how to trim your trees just right, so you won’t lose out on customers.

2. Tree pruning protects you from liability.

The last thing you want to deal as a property manager is a preventable accident. Overgrown trees and shrubs become a hazard when they obstruct the view of traffic signs, pedestrians, bicyclists, or motorists. And in the winter, in places where unpruned trees block out the sun, walkways can quickly turn into icy slip-and-slides. Protect your business from complaints and costly litigation by keeping your trees pruned and tidy.

3. Trimmed trees beautify your property.

A business with a well-maintained, beautiful landscape will consistently draw in more customers and command higher rates than a business that neglects the aesthetics. Big, healthy trees located in the front of a facility provide a visual focal point, shade, and enjoyment and add monetary value to the property itself. They show your customers that you care, and that goes a long way in building valuable relationships.

4. Trimmed trees open up parking spots.

You pay to have a parking lot, right? Make sure your tenants and customers are able to use every inch of it. Keep your trees trimmed so that overgrowth and low hanging branches don’t block off spaces. Customers with plenty of room to park their cars and trucks will feel more welcome and keep them coming back to your business.

Avoiding tree pruning because of the expense? Then consider these ways that regular tree care puts money back in your pocket. Dreading the ordeal of finding a reputable contractor? Rest assured that Elite Tree Care has the experience, reliability, and friendly customer service that you can count on, for instant peace of mind.

Contact a qualified professional at Elite Tree Care to provide an expert evaluation of your trees and give recommendations on your individual needs. Call us at 610-935-2279 today for a free consultation on tree care that will simplify your overall maintenance program and maximize profitability.

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