Lot Clearing: What is Involved?

Overgrown lot

Lot clearing is a common solution for properties undergoing a transformation. The process consists of clearing trees and shrubs from a plot of land to make way for new construction, renovations, or a lawn expansion. So, what else is involved in lot clearing? Read on to find out the details and why only a certified arborist is qualified to perform this kind of work.

Site Preparation

A time-consuming, labor-intensive process, this arboricultural service requires specific equipment. The size of the job depends on the size of the lot, its soil, and any surrounding structures that might interfere. Site preparation sets the stage for lot clearing and, to be done safely, requires the work of a certified arborist.

Stump Grinding and Removal

Stumps are either ground down to the level of the soil or removed from your ground completely. Another job best left to a professional, stump grinding and removal involve working around underground wires, pipes, gas lines, underground dog fences, and irrigation lines on your property. After the process is complete, we clean and reseed the affected area to remove any evidence of the former stump.

Tree Removal

Trees should always be removed selectively. Elite works with you to decide which trees to leave on your site in order to maintain the natural beauty of your property. If you choose to have a tree removed, we are experienced in safely cutting it down. We are also careful to remove any leftover debris, leaving minimal damage to your property.

Right-of-Way Clearances

Right-of-way clearing makes room for utility trucks and maintenance equipment to get to your site. The process is also important for clearing and pruning growth away from utility lines, gas pipelines, and cables.

Contact the Lot Clearing Experts

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