Five Reasons for Tree Removal

Tree down from storm

Trees are beautiful and, for the most part, valuable assets to any property. Though most certified arborists advise avoiding tree removal by exploring alternatives, sometimes, the time comes when a tree just has to go. Read on to learn five reasons for why a tree should probably be removed.

Structural Damage

Depending on its placement, a tree can pose a risk to neighboring houses, cars, underground and above-ground wires, and other property. Avoid expensive repercussions by removing the tree with the help of a qualified arborist.


A diseased or dying tree can cause structural damage resulting in the destruction of property or injury. These trees require removal and replacement.

Maintenance Problems

If a tree is obstructing a sidewalk, growing too close to another house, or looks to be potentially failing, it could cause potential damage or injury. These circumstances might require removal of the tree to avoid a potential lawsuit.

Building and Renovation Interference

Mature trees increase property values, so removal is rarely recommended when building a new structure or renovating an existing one. Work with your construction team to plan around the trees you want to keep and avoid removing too many. Sometimes, there is no getting around it, though. A tree expert can help advise which trees to remove and how to minimize damage to the ones you plan to keep.

Storm Damage

Wind, ice, and snow storms can cause irreparable damage to a tree, or even topple it over. Extreme weather conditions can weigh down a tree or saturate your soil, which weakens limbs or causes roots to fail. A certified arborist can inspect the damaged tree and make the call about whether it can be saved or if removal is recommended.

Not Sure Whether to Remove your Tree?

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Tree Removal Guide

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