Five Tips on Fruit Tree Pruning

Apple tree

In order to keep your fruit tree healthy, annual pruning is recommended. Regular pruning helps improve a tree’s fruit production, stimulates growth, and enhances its appearance and overall health. Read on to learn five helpful tips for proper fruit tree pruning.

1. Start early: prune your fruit tree at the time of planting. This helps establish the right shape for your tree. The proper shape depends on the type of tree you’ve planted, so do the appropriate research.

2. Timing is everything: your tree’s dormant time in winter is the best time to prune fruit trees. During this time, most (if not all) of the foliage has fallen off the tree, allowing you to better see what you’re doing. This is the time to remove dormant buds to stimulate the growth of the other buds. Avoid summer pruning–this has the adverse effect and slows the growth of fruit and leaves.

3. Tools: sharp tools are imperative to making the clean cuts (within 1/4″ of the buds) your tree needs to absorb sunlight and other nutrients. Shears are best for small, younger trees with thinner branches, while a saw is optimal for mature trees with thicker limbs and branches.

4. Avoid thinning: horizontal branches. Horizontal branches yield early, abundant crops. Thinning or cutting these branches can result in less fruit being produced in the growing season. Only top a horizontal branch if it is producing too much fruit.

5. Remove:

  • dead or diseased branches.
  • suckers.
  • water sprouts.
  • vertical branches that grow either upward or downward against the trunk of the tree.

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