Does your Tree Need Cabling and Bracing?

Professional Tree Cabling and Bracing

Cabling and bracing are both popular ways to provide a tree with structural support. Mature trees can grow branches and limbs that become so heavy, the trunk cannot support their weight, causing stress on its structure. Trees with multiple trunks and open canopies are especially at risk of structural failure. A tree that fails can cause injury, property damage, and irreparable damage to the tree. Cabling and bracing by a professional arborist can help maintain the structural integrity of a tree. Read on to learn more about cabling, bracing, and whether any of your struggling trees could benefit.


Cabling reduces excessive limb motion. It involves attaching a flexible steel cable between tree branches for support, which prevents branch and crotch stress. When properly placed, cables can redistribute the weight of limbs a trunk has to support.


Bracing is a supplemental support system for your tree that limits the movement of individual branches and limbs. It consists of threaded rods or bolts that secure limbs, crotches, and trunks that are split, about to split, weak, or showing other signs of potential failure.

Keep in Mind:

Prior to committing to cabling and bracing, contact a trustworthy, ISA-certified arborist to help you assess your tree’s condition. The arborist will take a few aspects into consideration before committing their time, labor, and supplies into intervening: the internal health of the tree’s branches, crotch, and trunk. Unfortunately, sometimes a tree can be past the point of saving.

Does Your Tree Need Cabling and Bracing?

If you suspect that one of your trees is carrying more of a weight burden than it can bear, call in the experts at Elite Tree Care. Our ISA-certified arborists are qualified to make the call. We’ll perform a free inspection and formulate a plan of action to do what’s best for your tree. Contact us today at 610-935-2279.

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