3 Reasons Tree Topping Isn’t Tops

What is Tree Topping & Why It’s Killing Trees

tree topping

Tree topping involves cutting back a significant amount of tree branches off the top of the tree. Some people may think the tree is getting too tall, so they take a lot off the top. Others may top trees to try and preserve a certain view. Trees can also be topped if they get too close to power lines or the owners believe that it could not sustain storm damage. However, topping trees may make these conditions worse, and here’s why.

Why is Tree Topping Bad?

1. Growing fast and weak. After topping trees, branches will re-sprout at a rapid rate. This does nothing to help those who wish to control height. Now there are more new sprouts than normal in a very short time. This new growth is also weaker than before. Storms may do more damage to the new thin branches. It’s also likely that the weak, severed limbs will rot at the end.

2. More maintenance issues. The exposed stubs of the topped tree will not seal very fast. This makes them prone to insect infestations, disease, and decay. Now, not only does the tree not look as nice as before, but it’s attracting unwanted insects to deal with and slowly dying from the top down.

2. Detriment to a tree’s health. When a tree is topped, too much of the crown is removed and disrupts the tree’s ability to make food. This puts the tree in a state of shock and starvation.

Tree Topping Alternatives

To save yourself from even having to think about tree topping, plant the right tree in the right spot in the first place. Know what kind of tree you’re planting, think about how big it will get, and put it where it can thrive throughout its life. Also, follow proper tree pruning techniques when needed. Topping is a temporary, unhealthy solution that can do more harm than good. Keep your trees in good shape and all will reap the benefits.

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