Pet-Friendly Deer Repellents

Help Keep Plants, Pets & People Safe

White Tailed Deer

Keeping certain animals away from plants while keeping other animals safe around these plants sounds like a tricky process. However, there are deer repellents you can purchase or make that are pet and people-friendly.

Store-Bought Natural Deer Repellant

Certain products on the market are marked as all-natural, organic, and pet-friendly. Check the ingredient list, you’ll find many things you recognize and can pronounce, such as eggs, garlic, and essential oils. These deer repellents can come in liquid or granule form and are supposed to keep all sorts of animals from eating your precious plants.

Other products contain the urine of certain animals that deer see as natural predators. Wolf, coyote, and fox urine is used in some repellents and can be applied directly to plants. These products can also be pet-friendly, but may inspire some pets to mark the area themselves.

Even if these products are marked as safe, it’s best to apply them when your family members—people or pets—are out of the area. If it’s a liquid, let it dry on the plants before giving your family free reign. Still be mindful of the treated area, and be cautious about letting your pets around any outdoor plants.

Homemade Deer Repellent

To know exactly what’s going on your plants, you may want to make your own deer repellent. Certain natural ingredients, like eggs, omit an offensive smell that won’t harm your plants or pets. Mix egg yolk with hot water to create a spray that will make plants less desirable in smell or taste.

Plant-Based Deer Repellents

There are some plants that deer are known to stay away from without any help from an applied product. Deer typically avoid plants with fuzzy foliage, leathery leaves, and prickly thorns. Before planting, make sure the type of plant is not poisonous to people or pets, especially if it’s within reach.

If for whatever reason, deer bypass your natural, pet-friendly options, call in the professionals from Elite Tree Care and ask about another way to help save your plants without harming your pets.