Proper Tree Planting Tips

Plant a Tree Like a Pro


So, you want to plant a tree? Whether it’s in a new garden, replacing an older tree, or just refreshing your landscape, there’s a proper tree planting process everyone should follow.

Proper Tree Planting Process

After you choose the right location for your tree—keep in mind how big it will get—give your tree a great start by planting it the right way.

1. Start digging. The width of the hole depends on the size of the tree’s root ball. Dig a hole at least twice the size of the root. Give the roots room to expand—this will help the tree grow faster. The hole should not go deeper than the height of the ball, or it could cause settling.

2. Settle in. Be careful to keep the root ball intact as it’s placed inside the hole for planting. Remove any burlap around the root, or push it toward the bottom of the hole.

3. Backfill. Lightly pack the soil back in the hole around the root ball. Make sure the trunk stays straight up in the ground. You can also create a watering well around the hole with any leftover soil.

4. Plant a stake for sturdiness. Drive a stake through the root ball and into the ground beneath it. Multiple stakes can be used for larger trees, and should be placed several feet from the trunk. Loosely tie the stakes to the tree.

Post Planting Process

After you’ve planted the tree, give it a good drink. Water the tree every day for several weeks after planting to encourage the roots to expand, then gradually reduce the frequency. Spread several inches of mulch around the base of the tree to help soak up the water and prevent weeds. You don’t need to worry about fertilizer for about a year after planting the tree. Only trim broken or dead branches from a newly planted tree. Regular tree pruning can begin after its first growing season. For more tips on tree planting, contact Elite Tree Care at 610-935-2279.

Tree Planting Guide

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