Should You be Concerned About Branches Over the Roof

How Bad Branches Can be & What to do About it


Trees can add many beautiful features to the landscape around your home, but it can also add a few causes for concern. Large tree branches over the roof of your house may look pretty during the changing seasons, but they could cause damage to your property.

How Branches Over the Roof Cause Damage

Having a roof over your head is pretty important to your wellbeing. There are many things that could effect the way this roof looks and functions—including weather and age. Why add one more factor to this list? Here are just some of the many ways branches over your roof can cause trouble:

  • When the branches of a tree start to reach your roof, it brings with it large sticks that can scrape layers of asphalt and gravel off shingles.
  • The leaves that fall off these branches clutter gutters and can create mold.
  • Branches form a bridge for certain animals to cross over to your roof and find a new home in your chimney.
  • Branches from an unhealthy tree can bring insects and other disease closer to your home.
  • Once the dead branches fall off, it could cause even more damage to chimneys or come crashing through your roof.
  • The added liability can effect your homeowners insurance policy rates.

Preventing Damage from Branches

There are ways to help prevent branches from causing damage to your roof. First of all, don’t plant a tree so close to your home. Before planting, think of how tall the tree is going to get, and plan accordingly. If the tree was already there when you moved in, you can still be proactive by having a professional tree trimming service take care of pruning. Calling in a pro can save you time and money by getting the job done right the first time without injuring yourself or doing more damage in the process. Contact the Elite Tree Care specialists at 610-935-2279 with any other questions, concerns, or quotes for ridding your roof of beautiful, yet dangerous, branches.

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