Winter Tree Removal

Why this is the Right Season


During this season, the only winter tree removal you may be considering is cutting down your next blue spruce or Douglas fir. However, if there’s a tree in your yard that’s diseased or dead, now would be the time to remove it. You don’t want it coming down itself during a winter snow storm and damaging property. There are several other reasons why winter may be a good time for tree removal.

A Slower Season

During the winter, you won’t find as many people hiking, camping, or strolling through wooded areas around your home. Less obstacles make it easier to remove large trees. Your family is safe and warm inside, and not playing in the yard where tree removal may be in progress.

No Leaves, No Problem

After autumn, the lack of foliage makes it easier to see what branches to cut. Arborists also have a better sight line to the trunk at the top of the tree. There’s less of a mess to clean up when the leaves have already fallen.

Bring on the Big Equipment

Once the ground hardens in winter, it’s easier for large trucks and machinery to get to the tree removal area—unless the ground is covered in snow. You may have to wait for the ground to soften to remove the stump. At least you won’t have to worry about a dying tree falling where it’s not supposed to in a storm.

Winter Tree Removal Benefits

In addition to limiting the risk of damage done by hanging branches and falling trees, winter tree removal can be done without greatly impacting the rest of your lawn and garden. Come spring time, the grass and plants will be growing back, and the dangerous tree will be gone.

If you have a tree you need removed this winter, contact the Elite Tree Care specialists at 610-935-2279 for a consultation.

Tree Removal Guide

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