Stump Grinding vs Stump Removal

What’s the Difference


When a tree falls or is being removed, the stump is often an afterthought. It may not be the main reason behind tree removal, but it should be part of the planning process. There are at least two ways of dealing with a tree stump: stump grinding and stump removal. Here’s the difference.

Stump Grinding

This is the more economical option since you’re not trying to get a large stump and complex root system out of the ground. During the stump grinding process:

  1. The tree is cut to ground level.
  2. The stump is grounded into smaller pieces using a stump grinder.
  3. These pieces are small enough to act as ground covering or mulch where the stump once was.
  4. Ground the stump till it’s a few inches below the surface of the lawn, then fill with mulch and dirt.

Over time, any remaining pieces of tree and root system will decay.

Stump Removal

When you want a clear space for growing a different tree, removing the old stump is the better choice. Taking out the tree stump and root ball requires more money and effort, especially if it’s an older tree, but it’s important for creating space for a new tree to grow and prosper. When you’re done, you’ll have large hole to fill in—either with a new tree and root ball or a lot of dirt.
No matter which option you choose, it’s always a smart idea to hire stump removal professionals that have experience with both techniques and tools involved. Contact Elite Tree Care when you’re stumped on a solution.

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