Tree Close to the House?

What to Do


No matter who planted it, a tree close to the house can cause issues for current and future homeowners. From the roots to the branches, there are many things to watch out for with growing trees too close to any structure.

Branches Close to the House

Tree branches can cause damage to siding, walls, and roofs if they’re left to rub against the surface. If the day is especially windy, a tree branch can easily break and do even more damage to itself or your home. The easy way to prevent this from happening is to prune back any branches that could hit the house. While this may take away from the tree’s appearance, it could save you from property damage.

Any branches that hang over the roof can lead to clogged gutters. Leaves, twigs, flowers, and fruit from these branches mean that a good gutter cleaning may be required during several seasons. Overhanging branches can also create a bridge for pests and animals between the tree and your house. If you’re wondering how racoons got in the attic, or ants and termites made it inside, check the closest tree for access points.

Roots Close to the House

Depending on the tree, soil, and weather conditions, roots can do some damage to foundations and sidewalks around your home. Another problem is underground pipes. Fine fibrous roots penetrate into any small holes, cracks, or unsealed sections in the pipe, and then start to branch out, forming a dense mass of roots that slow the flow of water and may even end up clogging the pipes. These roots can also thicken over time and put enough pressure on the pipe till it cracks even more or breaks, leaving a plumbing nightmare. Your best bet is to not plant any tree between 10 to 30 feet of any pipes.

How Far to Plant a Tree

Trees do provide a lot of good for your property. From shade to curb appeal, trees are important for your yard, but it’s equally important to plant them correctly. Before you plant, make sure you calculate how big the type of tree you’re planting will get. Pick a spot that’s half the distance of its estimated full spread. For instance, ten feet from your house for a smaller tree, or 20 feet for a taller species.

Removing a Tree Close to the House

If you need to remove a tree close to the house, it’s best to call a professional. There’s too much that can go wrong, causing damage to yourself, your home, and your property. Contact Elite Tree Care for more information about tree removal and proper planting of a new tree.

Tree Removal Guide

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