What to do with a Tree Stump

Use It or Lose It


There are many reasons why a tree must come down: disease, damage, potentially hazardous, etc. Once it’s cut, you’re left with a tree stump. What to do, what to do? There are many ways of dealing with a stump: lose it, use it, or camouflage it. Here’s what you need to know about each option.

Removing a Tree Stump

Some reasons why some people may want the tree stump completely gone include:

  1. Aesthetics. If the location of the stump doesn’t blend very well with the rest of the landscape, you may be left with an eyesore.
  2. Hazard. It can be a tripping hazard or get in the way of lawn mowers.
  3. Pests and disease. A decaying stump can attract wood-loving insects you don’t want near your house. If a stump was removed because of disease, the same fungal infection can spread to other trees or plants nearby.

There are several ways of removing a tree stump—by hand, by machine, or by chemicals. While some may be easier than others, they can also be more expensive.

Using a Tree Stump

If you can leave a tree stump where it is without having it become a hazard, there are a few ways to blend them seamlessly into your landscape.

  • Planters. Feature perennials, succulents, and woodland plants in the natural nooks and cracks of a stump, or create deeper holes with an axe and fill with dirt.
  • Outdoor decor. Turn a stump into a garden sculpture, table base, seating, and more.
  • Indoor decor. Cut the stump to create small table tops, accent tables, coasters, and other pieces for a natural look inside your home.

Camouflaging Tree Stumps

If you can cut stumps close enough to the ground, they can be hidden within the landscape. Plant taller bushes or flowers around it, and you may forget it’s even there.

For more ideas about dealing with a certain tree stump in your yard, contact Elite Tree Care.

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