4 Tree Care Tips

For Strong and Sturdy Growth


Many talk about the importance of planting trees, but what about what comes next? Taking care of that tree helps ensure it grows strong and doesn’t require as much maintenance. Here are four important tree care tips.

Post-Planting Tree Care Tips

Congrats! You’ve planted a tree! You’re well on your way to help saving the earth. Now to help that tree grow in the best way possible. Starting off on the right foot—or trunk—makes it easier to maintain the health of the tree and prevent disease and decay. Keep these tips in mind as you continue to watch your tree grow.

1. Mulching Trees

Right after you plant a tree you want to spread a layer of mulch. Here’s why:

  • Mulch insulates the soil.
  • It acts as a buffer from extreme temperatures.
  • The roots are kept moist.
  • Weeds are stifled.
  • Prevents soil compaction.

Remove any grass around your tree within a three to 10-foot area. Add natural mulch—wood chips or bark pieces—in a layer about three inches deep to that area, but don’t let it touch the tree trunk.

2. Watering Trees

All living things need water to survive. The amount of water is important and varies depending on the climate. New trees should be watered immediately after planted. Regular watering will help the tree as it establishes roots during its first few growing seasons. Deep watering also helps at this time.

There’s such a thing as too much and too little water. The goal is moist soil, not soggy. Usually, 30 seconds of a steady stream per tree is sufficient. And remember, mulching helps retain moisture. Check the moisture level by creating a narrow trench about two inches deep into the soil. If it’s still damp that deep, then you’re done for the day!

After a few years, the roots are established and may not require as much water, especially if it’s a drought-tolerant variety. It’s best to check the hardiness zone and match the plants to your area accordingly.

3. Tree Pruning

Tree maintenance is a year-round activity. You always want to trim dead and diseased branches. However, there’s a right season to prune certain trees in order to improve fruit and bloom production. Proper pruning results in a healthier, and easier-to-maintain tree.

4. Pest and Disease Prevention

Proper pruning also helps prevent the spread of pests and disease throughout your trees. The earlier the signs are caught and acted on, the less of a potential problem.

Contact Elite Tree Care for more tips on tree mulching, watering, pruning, and disease prevention. The sooner the tree is healthy, the more you can focus on enjoying its beauty.

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