Fruit Tree Pruning in Summer

What to do & What Not to do


There’s nothing quite like fresh fruit in the summertime. Sweet peach pies, plump plums, and juicy nectarines taste even better with the warm sun on your face. Imagine growing these delicacies and reaping the benefits of proper fruit tree pruning in summer.

Fruit Tree Pruning in Summer

Like any other time of the year, the main goal of proper fruit tree pruning is detecting any potential problems and pruning accordingly. Problems include:

  • Dead, diseased, or broken branches
  • Heavy limbs overloaded with fruit
  • Crossed branches that rub together
  • Limbs that grow toward the center of the tree
  • Insect infestations

Pruning dead and broken branches should be done during any season. Wait till the tree is dormant in winter for any heavy pruning. The summer is for lightly pruning new branches of fruit trees to help encourage growth and manage the tree’s size. Prune during the active growing season in July and early August. You don’t want to wait too long, or you’ll generate growth into the colder season. You can see which branches are loaded down under heavy fruit and work to help prevent that in the future.

Which Trees Need Pruning

The following fruit trees are commonly pruned in the summer.

  • Peach
  • Nectarine
  • Japanese Plum

These varieties usually grow fast and thick. They may reach maximum height sooner than other fruit trees, but that doesn’t mean their branches are sturdy enough for vigorous fruit bearing. Too much growth also leads to light and airflow issues throughout the middle of the tree—which is where pruning comes in.

How to Prune Fruit Trees

When pruning, you want to create a sturdy structure for the fruit to grow in abundance without hurting the tree. This means pinching back any weak growth that will lead to a thin, weak branch. Prune about three inches of the end of a soft, leafy shoot. Make a smooth cut without leaving a ragged edge or stump. Don’t prune when rain is in the immediate forecast. If fresh cuts get wet it attracts disease.

For any other questions about pruning fruit trees this summer, contact Elite Tree Care. With a little bit of work and a lot of summer fun, you’ll be in for a fruitful season.

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