Properly Pruning Mature Trees

Pro Tip: Hire a Pro


Tree care is just as important in any stage of its life. From seedlings to sturdy, established plants, each stage has its own requirements—especially when it needs extra care to overcome damage or disease. Here are some tips for properly pruning mature trees, and why it’s even more important to ensure its health later in life.

Properly Pruning Mature Trees

Once a tree is established, you don’t have to worry as much about root structure; however, your work is not done. If there’s a reason to prune, doing so improperly often leads to unforeseen damage. The main reasons for pruning mature trees are for preventive or corrective measures. Some of these reasons include:

  • Remove dead, dying, or diseased branches
  • Reduce the risk of branches breaking too close to public spaces or power lines
  • Help increase or decrease fruit tree production
  • Improve light penetration or air circulation

When and How to Prune Trees

The best time to prune any tree is during its dormant period. However, don’t wait to prune branches that are at risk of breaking and causing damage to its surroundings.

Make clean pruning cuts to decrease the chance of the branch attracting disease. If you need to cut a large branch, do so by removing its weight and making an undercut to limit the chance of tearing the bark.

Any time you prune, try not to remove more than twenty-five percent of the crown. This often wounds the tree passed the point of repair.

Professional Tree Pruning

Typically, pruning a large, mature tree requires work that one cannot achieve by standing on the ground. Powerful equipment is needed to cut large branches, and the risk of damage and injury greatly increases. These are a few reasons why it’s more important to hire a professional arborist to prune mature trees. They come with the equipment and experience to do the job right. Contact Elite Tree Care for more information on pruning a mature tree on your property and receive a quote for a specific project.

Tree Pruning Guide

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