Cables and Brace Rods

How it Helps Support Your Trees


When trees need a little more structural support, a series of cables and brace rods can be installed to help reduce the risk of breakage and further damage. Learn more about each and how they can help maintain the proper structure of your tree.

What are Cables and Brace Rods

Reinforcing large, but weak tree branches require strong reliable materials. To help limit movement of a supported branch or redistribute weight among branches, attach steel cables to bolts installed in the upper crown of a tree. For even more support, thread a brace rod through splitting limbs, weak branches, and multiple stems to help prevent them from twisting and breaking in storms.

How to Install Support Materials

Any type of structural support system should be installed after a certified arborist has thoroughly inspected and evaluated the tree. They will know the best methods to use and where to place the cables and brace rods for optimal support. They will also come back out to inspect the system so it continues to properly support the tree.

Take great care in cabling and bracing techniques to ensure tree health and homeowner safety. Installing metal components in a tree needs to comply with certain industry standards, especially when it comes to lightning protection. Any material used needs to withstand the elements. A professional will know how to repair any future wear and tear.

Brace Your Trees for the Worst

If there are trees on your property that could use additional support or repair, contact Elite Tree Care for a consultation. Whether cables or brace rods are needed, your tree will get the support it needs so everyone can rest easier.

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