Tree Removal Process

What to DIY and What Not


Those looking at their tree thinking it will be easy to just chop it down themselves—stop! This is for you. There are parts of the tree removal process to DIY, but it all still requires thought, planning, and the utmost care.

Tree Removal Process: What to DIY

There are several steps to this process that you can take care of yourself:

  1. Inspect your tree for disease and decay. Also, notice if it leans to one side. This would be the best direction for it to fall.
  2. Gather the right equipment to prune whatever you can reach from the ground.
  3. Clear a path around the tree of anything it could hit on the way down. Estimate how much cleared space you’ll need to accommodate all pieces of the removed tree. You also need a clear path as an escape route if the tree doesn’t fall in the direction you’ve planned.
  4. Research professional tree removal companies and ask for quotes.

If it’s a small tree and you can do everything with both feet firmly planted on the ground, go for it. Most likely, a tree that requires removal is a lot larger and maybe even too close to your house, your neighbor’s yard, or power lines for you to try to take down yourself. This is where the pros come in.

Professional Tree Removal

When you’ve done all you feel comfortable doing, leave the rest to the professionals. They have the equipment and experience to do the job as efficiently as possible. Even if you think you can remove a tree yourself, calling in the pros can help you decide whether the job is too big or risky. They can also help you get rid of as much of the tree as you want—including the stump.

Tree removal is a process. You can’t just remove it like you’re removing a bush or overgrown weeds. Take the time to learn how to properly remove the tree in your yard, and don’t be afraid to ask for professional help.

Tree Removal Guide

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Even dedicated DIYers should think twice before taking on the task of tree removal. Our guide will help you decide whether to hire a tree service and how to get the most value for your money.