Celebrating Earth Day

In Your Own Lawn and Garden

earth day plant care

One way to truly celebrate Earth Day is to get outside and grow something. Not only does it give back to the environment, but it provides beauty, shade, and so much more to any homeowner. Earth Day is also a perfect time to focus on plant care. Whether it’s a tree or garden, whatever you grow needs to be nurtured, just like planet earth itself.

Planting a Tree

There are so many benefits to planting a tree:

  • Beautify an area
  • Create shade
  • Produces oxygen
  • Filter pollutants
  • Preserve water levels in the soil.

Before you start digging, make sure you’ve researched the kind of tree you want to plant, know the best spot for planting, and are ready for any maintenance it requires.

Even if you don’t have a yard, there are many organizations looking for volunteers to help plant trees in the area.

Growing a Garden

If you want to start smaller, think about starting a garden. Plant some flower pots, vegetable containers, or full gardens that take up a nice-sized plot in your backyard. Research which plants are best for your growing zone and sunny or shaded areas. There are also community gardens for those who want to be involved in a more shared experience.

Earth Day Plant Care

Even if you don’t plant a tree or a garden, there are ways to celebrate earth day throughout your yard. Do a little spring cleaning by:

  • Raking up leaves, branches, pine cones, and other yard debris
  • Recycling yard waste to a compost bin
  • Cleaning gutters
  • Pruning branches

While these tasks can be taken care of at any time of year, what better way to help celebrate Earth Day than to beautify your little corner of the world. Contact Elite Tree Care for more information on ways to plant, prune, and maintain your yard and garden.

Tree Planting Guide

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