Top Tree Pruning Tools

And How to Keep Them in Top Shape

pruning tools

There’s a difference between getting the job done and getting it done right. Having the right tools make all the difference. Here are some of the top tree pruning tools you’ll need for your next yard maintenance project.

The Right Tree Pruning Tools

With the right tools, tree pruning becomes more efficient and less of a chore. Not only will your tree grow healthier, but your entire yard benefits from its beauty, and it’s less work for you in the future. Here are some must-have tools for your shed:

  • Shears. Prune everything from flowers to thin tree branches with this versatile hand-held tool. There are different types of shears for various jobs. Use bypass shears like scissors. Anvil pruners have straight blades for splitting dry branches and stems. Ratchet pruners cut in stages and are easier on the wrists.
  • Loppers. Prune fruit trees, nut trees, vines, and branches up to 2.5 inches thick with the thicker blades and longer handle of this tool.
  • Pruning Saws. Take out branches up to five inches in diameter.
  • Hedge shears. Meant for pruning hedges, small shrubs, and evergreens.
  • Pole Pruner. Cut branches up to 1.25 inches in diameter and about eight feet high. If you can’t reach a branch without a ladder, it’s too high, and you should call in a professional for pruning.

Pruning Tool Maintenance

Now that you have the right tools, make sure they are kept in working order. Keep your tools clean of any sap or plant debris. Wipe the blades off after each use, and use alcohol to clean it if used on a diseased tree.

Sharp blades are best for making clean cuts. Tearing the branch while pruning may lead to poor growth and disease in the future. For more information on keeping blades sharp, when and how to prune, and pruning taller trees, contact Elite Tree Care.

Tree Pruning Guide

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