Summer Tree Pruning

Rules & Exceptions

summer tree pruning

When it comes to summer tree pruning, there are some very specific guidelines to follow. The most important being: don’t do it unless absolutely necessary. There are some exceptions, but they also come at a price.

Tree Pruning in the Summer

Pruning trees not only gets rid of the branches you don’t want, but it stimulates growth. Trees are naturally growing from spring to early winter, so no additional stimulation is needed at this time. In fact, pruning only puts additional stress on the tree to try and recover what is lost instead of going with the flow.

What stresses trees even more is when they’re stimulated to work in the summer heat. Have you ever tried to get something done with the sweltering sun beating down on you? It’s not easy.

Any new growth will also be fragile and may not even survive the harsh weather. It’s best to follow the lazy days of summer ritual and give your tree a much needed summer vacation.

The Exceptions

Summer storms can wreak havoc on trees. From strong winds to torrential downpours to lighting strikes, branches are whipped and ripped easily—even from an otherwise healthy tree.

You’ll want to remove any broken branches with a clean cut so it doesn’t rip further or break off and cause future damage.

Also, if you notice any dead or diseased branches, feel free to remove those to prevent spreading a disease or breaking off in a storm.

Leave the healthy limbs alone, at least until the dormant season in the middle of winter. Then they can be pruned to maintain shape and structure.

Of course, any limb large enough to require a ladder or heavy machinery should be removed by a professional. Contact Elite Tree Care if this is the case, no matter the time of year.

Tree Pruning Guide

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