5 Signs a Tree Needs Pruning

No Matter What Time of Year

tree pruning

Fall may not be the best time to prune trees, but there are some exceptions. If you notice any of the following five tree pruning signs it’s best to take action any time of the year.

Tree Pruning Signs

To help prevent further damage to trees and their surroundings, prune back any branches with the following five signs. It’s easier to notice when a tree requires pruning once all the leaves have fallen.

Weak and broken branches. Any signs of splintering, bowing, or breakage should be cut back. It’s better for you and the tree if you can control what happens to these branches before they tear, break, and fall.

Diseased limbs. If you notice any health issues like fungi or dark spots, the branches could be diseased. If left untreated, the disease can spread to other areas of the tree.

Pest infestation. Certain pests can do irreversible damage to your tree. If branches become severely gnawed or damaged from pests, prune them back before it breaks off. You’ll also want to treat the infestation to help prevent further damage.

Branches close to structures and utility lines. Once a branch comes too close to your home and power or utility lines it becomes a costly hazard. These branches need to be pruned by an insured professional.

Storm damage. Strong winds can do a number on trees, especially if the branches are already weak. Be sure to inspect your trees after any storm and prune any branch that looks broken or damaged.

Professional Pruning

To get the most out of your tree maintenance, consult a professional tree company to make sure the right branches are being pruned. From the best season to start to the right way to cut, Elite Tree Care can help homeowners properly prune their trees in a safe and efficient way

Tree Pruning Guide

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