Is it Time Yet?

When Can We Start Pruning Trees?

Is it time yet? Maybe not quite at the level as are we there yet, but it’s still a question on the minds of many impatient pruners. The short answer: no, not quite. Soon. It may not be the most favorable response, but it’s the one your plants will thank you for. Read on to learn more about the best tree pruning timeline.

Tree Pruning Timeline

Now that the leaves are mostly gone from the trees, you can start taking stock of what condition your plants are in. Notice any broken limbs? Are there any signs of decay? Were there any branches that didn’t have leaves on them at all this fall? If you answered yes to any of these questions, go ahead and trim those branches. Otherwise, wait a little longer.

It’s always a good time to prune dead, diseased, or broken branches. These weaker links are more likely to fall on their own anyway. The best thing you can do is control where they land. On your lawn is better than on the roof, car, or other structure. If you can’t reach these precarious branches, call a professional for help. If you can wait another month or two when the tree has gone dormant for winter, all the better.

Prune Before Bloom

Pruning stimulates growth, so the best time for this task is right before you want your plants to start growing. Pruning too soon may result in the growth of weaker limbs; therefore, you’re not doing yourself or your tree any favors. Pruning too late also has its downfalls. You could run the risk of cutting new blooms, limiting the plant’s potential for the season.

Pruning while the tree is dormant saves time since you can easily see what needs to be cut and you don’t have to carefully work around actively growing plants. There’s less of a chance for stress and disease since the tree isn’t putting a lot of energy into healing fresh cuts.

If you’re still questioning the timing of pruning or other lawn maintenance, contact Elite Tree Care. It’s always a good time to call. We’re here to help at any time of the year.

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