Professional Tree Removal

When to Cut it or Call the Pros


There are times when you can cut down a tree yourself, and there are times when you should leave it for the pros. Here’s a look at when you need professional tree removal and when you can give it a go yourself.

When to Remove a Tree Yourself

Can you answer yes to all of the following questions?

  1. I can reach the top of the tree from standing on the ground.
  2. The tree is relatively young and healthy.
  3. There are no utility lines in the area.
  4. The tree is on my property.

If so, you should be able to remove it yourself without too much trouble. But be sure removal is necessary. Removing a tree, no matter how manageable it is, still puts stress on the plant itself. It’s best to properly plan where you should plant it in the first place. This gives you one less reason to remove it.

When You Need Professional Tree Removal

Can you answer yes to all of the following questions?

  1. I can’t reach the top of the tree without a ladder.
  2. There are utility lines and other structures close to the tree.
  3. The tree is in my neighbor’s yard but it’s a potential hazard to my yard.
  4. It’s an older tree that’s showing signs of disease and decay.

If any of these are true, you should not attempt tree removal on your own. It’s best to call a professional tree removal company to handle unpredictable trees in a precarious situation. If the tree is in your neighbor’s yard, be sure to talk to them about what should be done.

If you’ve considers all the options and decided you need a professional to remove your tree, contact Elite Tree Care for a quote and consultation. Even if you think you can handle the job yourself, it’s always a good idea to get an arborist’s professional opinion.

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