When’s the Best Time for Tree Removal

Plus 3 Reasons Why


Do you have a tree that needs to come down? If you’ve done everything you can to help bring it back to life, but nothing is working, it may be time to say goodbye. Some good news: winter is the best time for tree removal! Read on to learn why and what to do next.

Why Winter is the Best Time for Tree Removal

Technically, a tree can be removed any time of the year, and it should of it’s a threat to its surroundings. However, the best time for tree removal is during winter. Here’s why.

  1. Threat factor. Trees that are dead and diseased are more at risk for further damage this time of year. Weak branches can break in the wind. Snow and ice can weaken them even more. Icey branches that break off are a double whammy. Best of luck to anything that’s in the way of that cold, sharp stick.
  2. Dormant season. Not only are the trees dormant, but all the surrounding plants and grass are too. This means less harm will come to them during the tree removal process. Plus, when the spring returns, nutrients will be distributed properly among the surviving plants in the area since they won’t be used trying to feed a dying plant.
  3. Brighter future. Just because a tree is dead, doesn’t mean everything around it is. Life goes on and can sometimes grow up around a dying plant. The sooner the hazardous tree is removed, the better the other plants will be. Not only will removing a tree during the dormant season help protect the surrounding plants, but better planning for regrowth in the newly empty plot can begin.

Professional Tree Removal

Just because winter is the best time for tree removal, doesn’t mean it’s easier to do yourself. You still want to hire a professional arborist for an evaluation and removal, especially if the tree is damaged or dying. Contact Elite Tree Care for a consultation if you have a tree that needs to be removed. Get your yard in the best shape possible before spring.

Tree Removal Guide

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