Professional Tree Removal

Why Call in the Pros


Removing a tree from your yard is no easy feat—especially older ones that are more established. Hence why a more established pro should be involved. Learn more about professional tree removal and why it’s the best decision you can make for yourself, the tree, and the rest of your property.

Reasons to Remove a Tree

Tree removal is not a cheap or easy job. This is why it should be the last resort and only done when absolutely necessary. One of the biggest deciding factors in tree removal is if the tree is a potential hazard. If your tree falls under this category, or there are any of the following factors present, contact a professional tree company for a consultation:

  1. The tree is damaged, diseased, or dead. A pro can help determine if the issue can be fixed or if the tree should come down. Trees in a poor condition are unlikely to come down clean, which is why a professional is needed to reduce the risk.
  2. The area is overcrowded. Removing one tree is one thing, but removing many is definitely a job for a pro. Clearing a space for construction or to improve the conditions of the surrounding area is easier when a professional brings the right tools.
  3. Proximity to your home. Large trees close to your home are at higher risk of potentially causing damage if not removed the right way.

Professional Tree Removal

So, why should you call an arborist for tree removal? Other than the reasons outlined above, a professional comes with the following:

  • Knowledge. After assessing the tree and surrounding area, they can tell the best way to bring it down.
  • Tools. Get the job done fast and safe with the proper machinery.
  • Insurance. In case anything does happen, you’re all covered.

While some people may simply grab a chainsaw and start hacking away, a professional considers the following factors before doing any work:

  • Tree size, type, condition, and the direction it’s likely to fall.
  • Surrounding area, including structures and utility lines.
  • Unexpected issues, such as hollow spots in tree trunks.

It’s smart to get several quotes from various tree companies before hiring anyone for the job. Make sure you know exactly what’s included—it’s usually only removal of the tree. Any special chopping or hauling away would need to be discussed. Typically removing the stump is not included in a tree removal quote.

Have a tree you’re worried about? Contact Elite Tree Care for a consultation or professional tree removal quote. Save yourself the hassle and headache and bring in the pros to get the job done right.

Tree Removal Guide

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