Four Spring Tree Care Tips

Keep Trees Surviving and Thriving

As the leaves are coming back to your trees, take this time to fully evaluate the conditions of your gardens with these spring tree care tips.

Spring Tree Care Tips

If you haven’t checked out your trees lately, now’s the time to take a peek before all the leaves grow back. You’ll have a better look at the branches while they’re bare. You’ll also notice which ones don’t currently have new buds, which could also be a sign of a problem. Keep these four tips in mind while maintaining your trees.

  1. Notice overall health. Did the winter do any damage? Are branches broken, dead, or diseased? Are there already spots or discolored leaves? Are there no leaves at all? These could all be signs of distress in a tree. Prune the bad branches and keep an eye on the tree throughout the season. If you don’t see any improvement, call a certified arborist to help diagnose the issue.
  2. Hydrate. Now that trees are back to actively growing, they need enough water to stay strong. Make sure the soil is moist about five inches below the surface. While spring rains may help, do your part to keep your plants watered at least once a week. A deep drink will help revive the roots and encourage growth. However, make sure the soil isn’t compacted so the water and nutrients can reach below the surface.
  3. Mulch. Conserve this all-important moisture and help suppress weeds with a few inches of fresh mulch. Add some nutrient-rich compost to the mixture for healthy results.
  4. Keep the base clear. Make sure the mulch layer is a few inches away from the base of the trunk. Also, keep weeds and other plant debris away to ensure nothing is preventing the tree from getting the water and nutrients it needs.

Professional Tree Care

If you need help pruning branches, diagnosing issues, or more tips on the best mulch mixture, contact Elite Tree Care. Our tree care experts can help ensure your tree spends the spring surviving and thriving.

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