Fall Tree Pruning Tips

Pro Tip: Wait.


This season, a lot of focus turns to trees. We watch and wait for the beautiful display of leaves changing colors. With all of this attention, we should also watch and wait until the leaves have fallen and the trees go dormant before we do any major pruning. This is the most important of the fall tree pruning tips. Here are a few others.

Fall Tree Pruning Tips: Wait.

The best time to prune trees is in the winter. We’re almost there. Don’t rush things. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. As always, you should prune any dead, diseased, or broken branches. Anything that poses a threat to your property also needs to go. However, when it comes to pruning a tree for shape and stability, wait until it’s dormant. Even then, don’t cut too much.

Why Wait?

Pruning a tree kickstarts its desire to heal the cuts and sprout new growth. This takes energy away from preparing their roots for the winter. Plus, any open wounds won’t heal in time for winter. Any new growth will also quickly die in the harsh weather without enough time to get established. All of this stress leaves the tree vulnerable, something it can’t afford to be during the extreme winter season.

What the Fall is For

Instead of picking up the pruning shears, get the rake ready. Save your energy for dealing with the leaves that are about to beautifully drift across your yard. You’ll want to mulch these leaves or dispose of them so they don’t become a heavy, wet, grass-killing blanket on your lawn.

Mulching is another festive fall thing to do. Help protect your plants by adding a nutrient-rich layer of compost, leaves, wood chips, or straw in your gardens.

You can also water your trees this time of year to help hydrate them for winter. Make it a long, deep drink to reach the roots. Since you’re already planning to mulch, this layer will also help retain moisture in the soil.

Professional Fall Tree Pruning Tips

Wait some more. But if there’s a good reason to prune your tree now, make sure it’s done right to help prevent any major stress. Contact Elite Tree Care for tree pruning services that will promote healthy growth.

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